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Who is your audience? 

A brand is a personality, a voice, an attitude and the online environment that you give your audience.  Let's create an identity that resonates with your audience through colors, fonts, logo design + a clearly defined personality. 


are you standing out? 

If you like the sound of making your passion stand out in the crowd, contact Bec now about how to make this happen!

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How does it all work?
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Here’s where the fun starts! I’ll send you a brand questionnaire to complete so that I can gain a deeper understanding of your style, preferences and goals. I’ll also have you send me any inspiration you’ve collected (Pinterest, references to anything you love, etc) and any extra details you want me to know.



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(My favourite bit)

I toddle off and do my thing. Typically taking anywhere from 1-4 weeks, I get into my happy place. I research, sketch, concept create and prepare mockups ready for your eyes to lay on!

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(Your favourite bit)
It’s the part you’ve been waiting for- your logo mockups! During this phase, I’ll send you the initial unique logo designs for you to choose from and move forward with. After choosing, you’ll have revisions (depending on the package that you select above) to get the logo looking absolutely perfect. After we have a solid primary logo, I’ll create an alternate logo to compliment the primary logo design.



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After all items are approved, I’ll bring everything together to finalize your exciting new branding package. Once you’re completely in love with your new branding and your final payment has been made, I’ll bundle everything up in a nice little package and post it your way, so you can use it for all future projects.


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