Guess where Bec is going?!

In just a matter of days, I am packing up my bags, my work laptop and my sense of adventure to travel the globe. My family, Matt (the husband), Bohdi (5 years old) and Ollie (cutie bear of just 2 years old), will be joining me on my travels.

Starting in Vietnam, and stopping in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Netherlands (just to name a few locations), we will be overseas for just under 5 months in total.

But don't stress! I am not going anywhere and neither is Onety One Creative... In fact, this is great news.

Lots of people are asking HOW?!
House sitting our way around the globe, stopping in each location for around a month, living and assimilating our way into cultures and others lives. If you would like to see our professional sitters site, is the place to go. 

The next question is usually WHY?!? 
And my answer... "well why not?" I have always dreamt of moving to France for an extended period, learning the language and eating baguettes... so we are doing a version of that, but on steroids! 6 countries in 5 months.

It is great news for you! I will be revving up a gear on the Onety One front, working and travelling, while the husband is primary carer for the kiddies. I will be more available and able to take on your jobs quicker. YAY!


I will be working more hours, taking on more jobs and therefore have more flexible hours than before. Besides the time spent in transit, aka flying or train trips, I will be on my laptop ready to roll. 



It is very important for me to keep you in the loop! I will update you on travel locations, times and working hours.






As always, it is all about organisation, the more advance notice I get the easier it will be to get your job done quickly. Just hit the link/button below and I will lock in a date and time for this to happen. If you prefer the more spontaneous method, that is ok too... I will be on hand for ALL jobs!


OMGOODNESS we can even have Skype chat about your next job, and I can show you the house we are sitting and the location we are in!

Cant wait. Til then