Guess who is living her best life and working in Geneva, Switzerland?


Last time we spoke, I was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam... about to pack up for the second time and fly on over to Germany. All the things were going through my mind; jet lag, road tripping in a caper van with kids, sick kids with ear infections and temperatures (on a plane!), a short break from the business, navigating and driving on the other side of the road! (Picture the stressed out, tight jaw'd emoji here). But we did it. The new motto for the trip is "Make it work", and that we did babeh!

Taking a 9 day break from the business hasn't been easy, and lets all be honest here, I still did a tweensy bit of work.... But mostly I focused on taking our time and appreciating the places we ended up in. See some pics below, we made it into Germany, France and Switzerland... all amazing, unique and dam hot! Sorry to rub it in Aussies, but the constant +30 degree heat is WHOA.

So long story short, Camper van life was amazing and we WILL be doing it again during September, maybe through France, Italy or Spain... Still to be decided. But life is all settled down again in our next house sit. We are unpacked in Geneva, in this cute semi-alternative, crystal living, music loving house... with a cute little kitty named Stella. The poor love only under stands French, so I can only really talk a little to her, but she still loves cuddles. "Bonjour Stella!"

So whats happening now?
I am working and all booked out for July and August! So much amazing work has flowed in while I was on my road trip, and for that I am eternally grateful, (picture a happy cry emoji). I am working every spare moment I get, sending Matt and the kids out to parks and playgrounds every second day, sightseeing and exploring every other moment.

But you have a job that needs done now!?
I can schedule your passion project, just email me I will be road tripping again during September, and am taking on a light load during this month, and am taking solid bookings for October!